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Best Pregnancy Foods

Best Pregnancy Foods There are a number of pregnant women that believe “eating for two” means increasing their intake of greasy and fatty foods. This surely is not the case, and a sure way of increasing your chances of heartburn. Yes, you do need to consume an extra 400 calories …

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How the Kimkins Diet Works

The Kimkins diet is an online diet program, inspired from the popular Atkins diet. Kimkins diet was created by Heidi Kimberly Diaz under the name of Kim ‘Kimmer’ Drake. This diet became famous in 2007 when it was published in the Woman’s World magazine. The diet works on the principles …

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Common Dieting Blunders

One of the most common resolutions is to lose weight. The weight loss industry in the United States is a booming market. Turn on your t.v. or listen closely at your next office meeting, and you will no doubt hear about someone’s latest diet. With all the options available to …

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Diet Foods that can Make you Fat

Wait! Don’t touch that granola bar! Granola bars, in both normal and low-fat versions are one of many so-called health foods that pack much more sugar and fat than the would be dieter imagines. Most granola and cereal bars are high in fat or sugar, or both. Many times low-fat …

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