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How Losing Weight can Impact your Confidence

Since being overweight can be such a negative experience and leave you with very little confidence, it is not surprising that losing weight can have a positive impact on your confidence. When you’re overweight you often have to face criticism and nasty comments that are only directed at you because …

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How to Lose Weight Fast without Pills

How to lose weight fast is every obese person’s big dream. Many will turn to the pill or other magic potion to effect it. Unfortunately, when the diet is finally over, and the pill or magic potion is dropped, the lost weight often comes back, with additional weight. How to lose …

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The Essene Fruitarian Diet

To understand the basics of the Essene Fruitarian diet one first needs to understand the concept behind it. The Essenes were a group of esoteric spiritual Jews who followed the Genesis 1:29 verse regarding their diet, and were thus strict vegans. Historically the group are said to have split into …

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Why should i Lose Weight

The effort that is required to lose weight is a step too far for some people, to give up the delicious temptations of everyday life while partaking in regular exercise is certainly no easy task. If you are finding it difficult to get motivated about losing excess weight, then here …

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Keeping the Weight off in the Winter

Do you tend to gain weight over the winter? It’s not surprising, seeing as it gets colder outside and you’re more reluctant to go running, and working out inside just isn’t your thing. Remember, though: if you’re reading this, it means that you can read. Science tells us that bears …

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Rapid Weight Loss Diets

Rapid and quick weight loss might have been a tough job in the yesteryears. Today’s health and wellness industry and diet food manufacturers have come up with quick weight loss diet programs. These weight loss diet programs ensure that one gets a balanced diet and reduces the unwanted weight rapidly. …

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