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Counting Calories Losing Weight Bmr

No general special diet exists for losing weight. Any diet or weight loss program you of which you rise to the challenge must be modified according to your individual body. It is vital that you understand what it means to count calories. Even more important is how to apply the …

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Health Benefits of a Wheat Free Diet

A wheat-free diet is becoming more popular for various reasons including the health benefits that go along with it. In fact, the health reasons are the most important part of selecting such a diet. Living with a wheat-free diet should not be confused with having a gluten-free diet. Wheat is …

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How to Combat Weight Gain

If you find yourself piling on the pounds then clearly there is something wrong. Unless your weight gain is the result of a medical condition the chances are you have started to put on weight as a result of your lifestyle. Ultimately, weight gain comes about when you consume more …

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Why Weight Makes you Miserable

Weight makes people miserable for different reasons. Those who want to be bigger fail in their attempts while those who wish to be smaller find the struggle hard. Weight issues are added to by other people’s expectations of the individual, balanced against self esteem and self perception. It is clear …

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