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Low Carb Facts

When people think of low-carb diets, their first thoughts run to any of the popular commercial diets from best-selling books, designed to sell you low-carb products. Low-carb protein bars packed with artificial sweeteners particularly spring to mind. A true low-carb diet, one designed by an experienced dietician, is nothing of …

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3 Secrets to Diet Success

Set yourself up for dieting success by understanding these three secrets. Many people have started out on a diet only to come up against road blocks. These dieting secrets will make any weight loss plan easier. 1. Make a Plan Every diet requires a plan. If you fail to create …

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Diet Reviews Hcg Diet

The latest fad diet to undergo a huge surge in popularity is the controversial HCG weight loss plan, touted as a miracle solution for fast weight loss. Whilst there is no doubt that many who buy into the diet do lose weight, medical professionals have condemned it as dangerous. Human …

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How the Cretan Diet Works

The Cretan Diet is based on the Mediterranean Diet, and consists mainly of olive oil and fresh fruits and vegetables, eaten in season. Meat figures only occasionally – perhaps once a week – and it’s lean meat, grilled rather than fried. Fish and poultry figure regularly on the Cretan Diet. …

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Weight Watchers Breakfast

Breakfast is so important, as it gets your body fueled up for the day. Breakfast can be tough for people following the Weight Watchers program. People are hesitant to spend Points on breakfast, particularly when larger meals may be planned for lunch or dinner. Here are a few tips to …

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What is a Realistic Rate of Weight Loss

Losing weight at a realistic rate is the most effective and guaranteed way to lose weight permanently. With millions of people trying to lose weight with fad diets or the latest celebrity diets, there seems to be a continued misconception about what is required for permanent weight loss. Everyone wants …

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