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How to Give Oral Care to Stroke Patients

When considering a stroke patient, oral care plays a major role as it can immensely interfere with the quality of life in such patients. Therefore, the care givers as well as health professionals should pay attention in maintaining above average oral care in order to enhance the recovery period as …

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Tooth Bleaching Whitening

Tooth bleaching is a necessary means of achieving the smile you want. Teeth can become discoloured for a number of reasons: diet can have an effect as tea, coffee and red wine can all stain the teeth as well as any foods with strong colourings to them. Smokers are also …

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Prevent Gingivitis during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may find yourself too engulfed in morning sickness and heartburn to think about anything else. However, it is important to remember that pregnancy affects nearly every part of your body, including your teeth. Indeed, the teeth and gums require extra care throughout pregnancy. Some women suffer from …

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When should Wisdom Teeth be Removed

At what age should wisdom teeth be extracted? There is disagreement among dentists according to Jane Brody of “The New York Times” (2009) as to whether wisdom teeth should be extracted immediately as they begin to emerge or if they should be left until they cause problems. Wisdom teeth sometimes …

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Teeth Whitening that Works

So vanity got the better of me one day and I decided to pursue a whiter smile. With accumulated staining from coffee, tea, wine, etc., my teeth looked yellow. But I wasn’t sure how to get that attractive and healthy-looking smile. The toothpastes I used claimed to whiten teeth, but …

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