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Why do i have Bad Breath

Bad breath can originate from several places in your body, but wherever it comes from, its all about bad bacteria. Follow these steps to locate the source: 1. Check Your Mouth First Teeth or gums in bad condition, particularly teeth that need filling, are a breeding ground for some very …

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Mouthwash Reviews

I’ve recently found myself suffering from ‘itchy’ gums for several days now and the ‘it will go away on it’s own’ theory is seriously not working! Having tried various different approaches of ridding this annoyance from TCP to bonjela I opted to try Corsodyl on the recommendation of several people …

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Bms Treatment

Burning Mouth Syndrome, often shortened to BMS, is a rare but chronic painful condition in which the patient feels their tongue, lips, or whole oral cavity is on fire. The names stomatopyrosis, glossopyrosis, stomatodynia, glossodynia, and oral dysesthia are clinical terms used to refer to BMS and each denotes the …

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