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Dental Issues Caused by Regular Smoking

Smoking is well known to cause lung and heart related disease. A less mentioned issue caused by smoking is the host of dental problems created. Bad Breath Smoking contains Nicotine which facilitates bad breath. As a person smokes Nicotine builds up in the mouth. To make the situation works it …

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How to Choose the right Orthodontist

There are several ways you can choose a good orthodontist whether it is for yourself or for your child. Many adults are having their teeth straightened with braces, so age is not a factor when it comes to finding the best orthodontist. Hopefully, you are established with a good General …

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How to Clean a Dental Bridge

Having false teeth or dental bridges does not keep you away from the risk of dental plaque. It is essential to know how to clean a dental bridge, so you can keep the dental plaque away from your mouth. What type of floss to use The best method of cleaning …

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How to Make Homemade Teeth Whitener

Everyone wants a Hollywood smile with teeth that are dazzling white. Unfortunately, day-to-day living often results in stained dental surfaces. Consumption of coffee, tea, cola, wine, smoking or just plain aging can make teeth appear yellowish and dull. Drugstore preparations, such as whitening strips, pastes, mouthwashes and paints are expensive …

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When to Visit the Dentist

A visit to a dentist might not be an event that most of us look forward to. This might be because of a traumatic experience in the childhood or else the fear psychosis set in by various means. But, in reality, being at the dentist should be a fun event …

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A look at Tooth Resurfacing

Tooth resurfacing is a process in which a general dentist or cosmetic dentist applies layers of composite filling or layers of porcelain to a natural tooth. Resurfacing using a composite resin is called a composite buildup. Resurfacing using porcelain is called a porcelain veneer. Both the composite buildup and the …

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