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Aquafresh Iso Active Foaming Gel

-AQUAFRESH ISO-ACTIVE FOAMING GEL- Disadvantages: Very strong flavour that takes getting used to. An active foaming gel It sounded a bit different, a bit innovative and I liked its funky lime green to the container. So we decided to buy it because it stood out in its modern looking steel …

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How to Floss your Teeth

An important part of dental hygiene that is often skipped is flossing. With the proper techniques, you can greatly reduce your chances of gum disease and tooth decay by simply adding this step to your daily routine. Ideally, you should floss before every brushing, but if this is not convenient, …

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Bad Breath

Bad breath is a condition which carries much stigma and affects a person’s ability to interact with someone else. Smelly breath not only causes sever self consciousness for the unfortunate afflicted person, but it also rules out any possibility of romance unless of course the recipient of a romantic kiss …

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Daily Tips to Improve Dental Hygeine

Dental Health is one of the most important traits in a person concerning hygiene. Even though many people fear the dentist it is important to keep your teeth, gums and mouth clean. Especially if you are pregnant dental health is important because that baby takes away most of the calcium …

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Dental Care in the Elderly

Grandma and Grandpa’s dentures in a glass of water by the bedside were a regular sight for most of us growing up in the 50’s and 60’s. But, thanks to better dental care, those of us reaching the senior years today can look forward to keeping our teeth for our …

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Toothaches, whether extreme or minor, can put a real ache damper on one’s spirit. A toothache is usually the most noticeable symptom of tooth decay, cavities, or chipped teeth. If a toothache is not taken care of right away, it can eventually lead to advanced tooth decay, especially if the …

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