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Alternative Medicine for our Kids

Each year millions of dollars are spent on health care and medications for kids. If there were alternatives more readily available and more information of the benefits versus the risk of giving antibiotics, there would be more people trying alternative medicine. Not only can antibiotics put a strain on the …

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Valerian and Anxiety

Stress, tension, anxiety…unfortunately words we are all too familiar with. We are not unique to the stress and anxiety of everyday survival, however. Man has been using natural aids to lessen or relieve the effects of this stress for thousands of years. Used in ancient Chinese and Ayurveda medicine, the …

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Eliminating Candida Albicans

Getting rid of Candida also means getting rid of a number of delicious snacks and desserts, particularly painful for those with a sweet tooth. There are some options, however, to help satisfy your cravings without encouraging the growth of candida. Green and Black’s Organic dark chocolate or Lindt 85 percent …

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