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Tea Tree Oil uses

When it comes to health and beauty remedies, sometimes Mother Nature just knows best. For ages, man has utilized tea tree oil as a solution to countless issues. If you have never heard of tea tree oil, do not fret. Since it is unavailable in most grocery stores, you may …

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Motherwort is a herb that is a relative of the mint family. In herbal medicine, it has been used for treating menopause. Other names for this plant are Lion’s Ear or Lion’s Tail. This herb is native to Asia, but it can be found growing worldwide. It is known throughout …

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Home Care for Swimmers Ear

Otitis externa, acute external otitis or swimmer’s ear is a bacterial infection that effects the outer ear canal, the section of the ear between the eardrum and the outside of the ear. It received the name of swimmer’s ear because it generally occurs after swimming. As water remains in the …

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Pampering yourself

The baby is screaming. Your kids are calling for your attention for every little thing that happens. You husband just got home from work and you’re ready to scream yourself. You want to take some time out to pamper yourself, but you feel guilty about it because you’re supposed to …

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Reiki the Ultimate Spiritual Power

Reiki,a Japanese technique for stress reduction and for healing purposes introduced in Canada and US in 1970s by Mrs.Hawayo Takata. Reiki is made up of two Japanese words,”Rei” means God’s wisdom “ki” means “life force energy. So Reiki means “Spiritually guided life force energy” a technique based upon the idea …

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Reducing Edema

What is a natural diuretic? The description “natural diuretic” comes attached with a duality. The word “natural” is described as pertaining to nature, produced by nature and not artificial. The word ‘”diuretic’ is a term used by the medical community, and therefore it is not used by the natural health …

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