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Hoodia for Weight Loss

Searchers of the miracle pill that can make weight loss a walk in the park certainly heard of Hoodia Gordonii and its presumptive capacity of suppressing hunger. The main challenge for anybody trying to get rid of extra pounds is to give up eating, as there are too many goodies …

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Benefits of Chiropractic

If you have ever experienced back or neck discomfort, a visit to the chiropractor should be high on the list of “to dos’. When one or more vertebrae get out of their natural position, they impede the nerves which in turn can cause pressure or discomfort of the spinal cord …

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Curing Belly Aches at Home

Upset stomachs and indigestion can plague anyone at one time or another, whether it is due to flu, over eating, eating something that disagrees with us, nervous stomach, or just isolated instances that don’t seem to have a cause. When the indigestion and stomach upset occurs, though, we want some …

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A Guide to Essential Oils

Aromatherapy oils have a variety of different uses, ranging from rejuvenating mind and body, disinfecting the house to repelling insects. There are a wide range of oils with many uses. Oils can be combined, diluted, warmed or used just as they are. It’s important to pay attention to the instructions …

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