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How to Treat Foot Fungus

Foot fungus is most commonly referred to as athlete’s foot. Athlete’s foot can be soothed with various home remedies that are inexpensive and simple. Athlete’s foot is caused by an organism that lives under the skin and thrives in warm, moist conditions. Although balmy, humid climates may encourage the growth …

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Is Cupping an Effective Treatment

Is cupping an effective treatment? Cupping – Effective Treatment or Not? Cupping, Hijama, Buhwang . . . Effective Treatment or Not? Known by many names, practiced by many cultures, cupping is an ancient practice that is quickly gaining much attention in the West. The dangers arises when capitalistic influences driven …

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Treating Oily Skin

If you are going to blame someone for your oily skin try your ancestors. Oily skin is hereditary and down to hormones. Stress can cause oily skin – when you are stressed it causes the oil glands to kick into high gear. Pregnant women notice an increase in oil in …

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Good Health comes in Spirals

GOOD HEALTH COMES IN SPIRALS The Aztecs and Mayan warriors are given Spirulina as staple food. During the Exodus of Moses, and the Israelites, the Bible’s manna from heaven may not have been those flat pitta breads as we taught but spirulina. In fact, in the Middle East, Spirulina is …

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