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How to Quit Smoking

If you have ever made the attempt to quit smoking then you know how hard it can be as relapse and going back to smoking are often the ultimate result of stop-smoking resolutions. There are certainly many aids available for purchase that can help with your goal – some are …

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Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

There are many reasons that people perform a juice cleanse, but there are many health benefits of performing a juice cleanse. Fruit juices contain a wealth of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that are great for the body, but there are some main advantages of a juice cleanse. Digestion takes …

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Watercress may Prevent Cancer Growth

In September 2010, British medical researchers unveiled what might be an interesting new breakthrough in breast cancer research: an active ingredient in watercress seems to to block off growth of breast cancer tumours. Watercress is a Eurasian perennial leafy vegetable. It is currently cultivated for sale, often after being hydroponically …

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