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Canker Sores Symptoms

Canker sores are no an uncommon occurrence. In between 20% and 21% of adults have canker sores at any given time. The tendency to get canker sores tend to run in families and women are more likely to have canker sores come back on a regular basis.

Canker sores are small ulcer craters. They are normally classified into groups by size. Minor sores take about 7 to 10 days to heal. They have a diameter of 1millimeter to 10 millimeters. Minor sores are by far the most common.
Major sores have a diameter greater than 10 millimeters. These are big enough and stay long enough they may for scar tissue. They take quite a bit longer to heal. Some may take up to a month. Herpetiform ulcers are essentially a whole bunch of little ulcers hanging out together. Since they are the smaller ulcers they normally start to dissipate with a week to ten days.

What are the symptoms? Is there some warning? Canker sores form in the soft areas of the mouth. They tend to form on the gums, the inside cheeks, on or under the tongue and the inner lip.

Many people report a slight tingling or itching sensation a few days before a little red bump appears. It’s not long before the bump spreads into an ulcer. The canker sores are covered with a membrane. This thin membrane can be yellow or white. There is a red halo around the outer edge of the canker sore. Some individuals experience fever, swollen lymph nodes, and listlessness as they come on. Although these may be signs of a different and accompanying issue.

On rare occasions canker sores can become infected, so it is important to keep the mouth area clean and most people recommend some kind of treatment. In our home the treatment is a dill pickle placed directly on the sore. The alum in the pickle juice stings for a minute, and usually the small cankers are gone in a day. Doctors have a slew of prescriptions choices and there are many over the counter remedies as well.

The causes of canker sores are all over the board. It can be as simple as a little extra stress in the day and as complicated as Celiac disease. Canker sores can be brought on by certain foods, hormonal shifts, and food allergies. Alone they normally are not a serious problem. It is worth mentioning to the doctor at your next check up if you can not find a common cause for the canker sores.

As for our family they are ever present with someone and the jar of pickles does the trick. It stings like heck for a few seconds and then we are on our way.