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Can Fiber help me Lose Weight

Imagine dieting without feeling deprived. Without that dreaded ’empty’ feeling that often comes when you restrict your calorie intake. You can enlist the help of mother nature to fill up your tummy without filling it up with calories too. The key ingredient is fiber. Here’s how to use it to your advantage.

There are several different kinds of fiber but only two main categories: those that just pass through your body, and those that absorb fats and toxins so they can be carried out of your body. Both kinds will give you a feeling of fullness without calories.

Its remarkably easy to tweak your diet and add the 25-35g of fiber you need every day. (Most people, when they analyse their diet carefully, find they’re falling well short of this target.)


Choose a high fiber cereal like oatmeal to start your day. Even better, top it with high fiber fruit like banana, or create a bircher style muesli by mixing half a cup of rolled oats with yoghourt and a grated apple, then soaking overnight in the fridge. This will give you a whopping 7g of fiber and keep you feeling full for hours. Now you can walk past the donut shop without feeling desperately hungry!

Oatmeal and fruit both contain soluble fibre, effectively absorbing fat and toxins to carry them out of your body.


A strategy shared by many effective dieters is to keep a bowl of mixed raw vegetable pieces in a prominent position in the fridge. As soon as you open the door there they are, looking colourful, crisp and delicious. If you tend to snack while watching TV, this strategy is ideal for you. Raw vegetables take longer to chew, so it will be well after the show before you get through the entire bowl! Each 100g of raw veg will supply around 2g of fibre.


There are so many ways you can add these delicious morsels into your diet and boost your fiber intake. Mediterranean and Spanish recipe books will show you many ways to make legumes delicious; after all, they’ve been cooking them for hundreds of years. Garbanzo beans, for example, have 6g of fiber in every 100g.

Even the humble canned baked beans are a great choice, with 5g of fiber in 100g. Try them on a bed of wilted spinach leaves for breakfast, or on whole grain toast.


Fresh fruit will fill you up with 2-3g fiber in every piece; but even better, it has a sweet taste, relieving your sweet cravings! The best fruit for dieters is organic; fresh, flavourful and crisp.

As you boost your fiber intake you can legitimately feel virtuous! You’re filling your tummy, restricting your calorie intake, and gently cleaning toxins out of your system with every mouthful. Not only that, but every mouthful of high fiber food contains hardly any calories. You’ll lose weight without feeling deprived. Diet? What diet?