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Calories Burned when Walking Calculate Calories Burned

There are many ways to calculate calories burned while walking. Different devices have their own selling points, yet accuracy is often at the top of the list. When you put in the effort to burn calories, seeing the amount of calories burned can be very motivating. The many options to calculate calories include heart rate monitors, pedometers, treadmills, and online calorie calculators.

The amount of calories burned while walking will vary depending on the speed you walk, the elevation, and your own weight. Calories are burned as energy is expended. Walking faster or at a higher incline will burn calories more effectively than strolling slowly on level ground. Your weight is also an important factor. The most accurate calorie calculators will take each of these factors into account.

• Heart Rate Monitors with Calorie Calculators

The most accurate way to calculate calories burned is by using a device that monitors your heart rate. When walking, your heart rate increases as you expend energy, which is how you burn calories. Heart rate monitors with calorie calculators go right to the source, and calculate calories burned based directly on your increased heart rate.

While heart rate monitors are an ideal way to track the rate you burn calories, they can also be somewhat expensive. For the most accurate reading, you should choose a model that uses a wireless chest strap in conjunction with a separate monitor.

1. Timex T5G971 Unisex Heart Rate Monitor Watch – Approximately $55. This heart rate monitor with calorie calculator uses a wireless chest strap to track your heart rate and transmit it to a wristwatch. The chest strap continuously tracks your heart rate and calories burned, as long as you are wearing it.

2. Mio Drive Heart Rate Monitor Watch – Approximately $60. Instead of using a chest strap, this monitor provides on-demand heart rate tracking by touching the sensors on the watch. While it does not continuously track your heart rate, it calculates calories burned based on an estimate of these sampled heart rates.

3. Polar Heart Rate Monitor and Stopwatch – Approximately $110. This heart rate monitor uses a wireless chest strap with coded transmission to communicate with the wristwatch unit. Advanced features include tracking both calories burned during individual exercise sessions and accumulated over a specified time period.

• Pedometers with Calorie Calculators

Pedometers count the number of steps you take and many models also calculate calories burned based on your weight, your stride, and how many steps were taken. Pedometers can be great motivational tools as you walk to burn calories. When shopping, keep in mind that digital pedometers are much more accurate than mechanical versions.

1. Omron HJ-112 Digital Pedometer – Approximately $20. This pedometer counts both regular and aerobic steps, which may allow it to more accurately calculate calories burned during both general walking throughout the day and fitness walking to burn calories. It can be easily carried in a pocket or worn at the waist with an included clip. Though, for best results, it should be clipped to the waist when running.

2. Tech 4 O Accelerator for Women and Tech 4 O Accelerator for Men – Approximately $50. These wristwatches calculate calories burned with built in pedometers. Additional features include a stopwatch and countdown timer.

• Treadmills

Many treadmills calculate calories burned based on your speed, elevation, and distanced walked. Often treadmills will ask you to input your weight to more accurately calculate calories. Put in your correct weight to get the best results. A person who weighs more will burn calories more rapidly than a thinner person. For example, a person who weighs 150 pounds will burn about 175 calories when walking at 4 mph for 30 minutes, while someone weighing 130 pounds will burn only 152 calories for the same activity.

While using a treadmill is a good way to calculate calories during a workout, it doesn’t help you track the calories burned while walking during the rest of your day. You do burn calories with normal walking, particularly if you take the stairs or park further away from a store, so it may be helpful to track your calories burned off the treadmill as well.

• Activity Calorie Calculators

There are many websites that offer calorie calculators to estimate your calories burned during exercise. When you input information, such as your weight and time spent walking, these tools will calculate calories burned based on standard formulas.

1. Health Discovery – Enter your weight and time spent exercising. The chart will estimate the calories burned in that time for a number of activities, including walking at various paces.

2. Reader’s Digest – Enter your weight and time spent walking, then choose Walking (either, fast, moderate, or slow) from the drop down list to find out the estimated calories burned.

3. Marathon Guide – Enter your weight and time spent walking, then choose Walking (at the correct speed) from the drop down list to find out the estimated calories burned.

There are many methods to calculate calories burned when walking. Whether you use a heart rate monitor, pedometer, treadmill, or online calorie calculator, tracking your calories burned can help motivate you to walk more. Walking is its own reward, as it is a great exercise that burns calories while also strengthening your cardiovascular system, muscles, and bones. However, calculating calories burned when walking can also let you reward yourself with an occasional calorie indulgent treat.