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Burning Body Fat

I hate my body fat! There I’ve said it. As we get older our bodies tend to change, we wrinkle, sag and grow. The last one being the only one that most of us can control. I am one of the millions world wide who struggles with excess body fat and am in the middle of changing that.

There are many ways in which we pack on the pounds over the years, such as lack of exercise, Over eating or eating the wrong foods and of course drinking the wrong beverages. I packed on my pounds by consuming way to much beer when I was younger, so I quit drinking all together. I am also hypoglycemic so I limit the amount of sugar I introduce to my system and instead focus on eating proteins and less harmful carbohydrates such as grains. I also have eliminated caffeine from my diet because it stimulates the adrenal gland which in turn makes the body produce glucose completely throwing off the metabolism. In layman’s terms it tells my body it’s starving so it stores everything instead of burning it. So if your hypoglycemic make sure to eat before a workout, in fact always keep something healthy in your stomach, keep it digesting.

Back to burning fat. A pound of fat consists of 3500 calories. That means to lose one pound of weight you must burn 3500 calories. That doesn’t mean just cutting calories out of your diet, that means getting of your butt and sweating it off. You must exercise to get rid of this weight. There are many activities you can do to lose body fat such as, aerobics swimming, jogging, bike riding, etc. Just remember you want to burn fat and if that number on the scale is something you want to see go down, muscle weighs more than fat. In other words if you are hitting the gym hard and lifting weights you will burn fat but you will also build muscle. If that’s what your going for great. If you want to lose just weight through burning fat try some aerobics or walking. Don’t try to lose it all at once, this is a long term decision that you will need to stick with throughout your whole life. It is healthier for your body to lose the weight slowly, that way you don’t shock your system and throw your metabolism out of control. Best of luck to you.