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Build your self Confidence for your Career Success

Self confidence is a necessary attribute if you are looking for career success. Take a self assessment of how you portray yourself. Are there situations that you are more likely to display confidence? Then look at the situations where you find it difficult to be self confident. When you find yourself feeling a lack of self confidence, look for the areas where you can make improvements.

A good rule of thumb when you feel a lack of self confidence is to take the focus away from yourself. Take the situation that you are involved in and concentrate on the issue and the other individuals involved in the situation. This will help you to feel relaxed and decrease your stress level. The secret is to not let anyone see any evidence that you are feeling less than confident about the situation.

Confidence involves watching what your body language is saying. Confident individuals use good posture, maintain good eye contact, display a warm smile to build an impression of confidence. In contrast, if you have poor posture, look distracted and not focused in to the situation, this is not the image of a self confident individual.

How you speak shows either confidence or a lack of confidence. Confident individuals clearly state their views and expectations. Confidence requires a strong and steady voice and stays aways from the negative. Never make negative statements about yourself like saying ” most individuals think I take too long to complete tasks.” It is telling the individuals that you interact with that you feel you are not capable and that you have no confidence in yourself.

Find a few close colleagues and ask for a honest assessment of how they see you. Confidence does not mean controlling behavior where you frequently criticize the people that you interact with. If you are frequently telling individuals that they do everything wrong and you are not interested in their ideas and only your own, you need to do a total makeover. This is an example of an arrogant individual and not an example of displaying confidence. This type of behavior will drive people away from you because they will want to avoid interacting with you.

Confidence means that you need to develop a positive attitude so that your interactions with people will draw people together to take the time to listen. If you can bring a group of individuals together in a difficult situation and problem solve effectively, your confidence will grow. Take control of your emotions, you can impact what happens and maintain a confident level. Add patience to your daily behaviours, everything does not change overnight.

Everything will not always go as planned. Sometimes you need to make adjustments to your expectations or admit you could have done something better. Confident individuals do not let situations that have taken a different path affect their level of confidence. instead, they look at the situation and learn from it.

Building you confidence is under your control, no one will do it for you. Watch how positive individuals interact with each other and learn from it. Stand in front of a mirror and practice your interactions, it is an easy way to help build your self confidence because you are preparing yourself. Research articles about confidence and put their suggestions into your daily practice. You can increase your self confidence if you are willing to spend time making improvements to your behaviors.