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Breast Cancer Risk Factors

More often breast cancer is being detected early enough it can be treated. The detection tools and technology has grown by leaps and bounds allowing us to find breast cancer in it’s early stages. This is making the survival rate higher. If you know you have certain risk factors this will help you in finding cancer early because you’ll be more likely to get your mammograms and screenings.

If you are in your twenties then be sure to get your exercise. Working out while you are a young adult will lower your risk of breast cancer by about 23% according to the studies. Limit the red meat you consume. Eating three or more servings of red meat per week can increase your risk of breast cancer. When you do eat red meat the portion should be only a 4 ounce serving. Avoid exposure to radiation. Each time you get an xray you expose yourself to radiation. Ask if they can get the information from an ultrasound instead. Watch your alcohol consumption. Drinking even a small amount each day increases your risk by 9%.

When you hit your thirties your estrogen levels are lower. Lower estrogen levels increase your risk for cancer. If you have a baby while you are in your thirties then breastfeeding can help your estrogen levels. Also if you have a baby you’ll want to drop that weight. You are 60% at greater risk to get breast cancer if you don’t lose that weight. Be sure to do your self exams on a regular basis.

If you’re a woman in your forties you need to start getting yearly mammograms. If possible, request a digital mammogram over the traditional xray. The digital mammograms tend to be more precise than a regular xray. Hopefully you started exercising in your twenties or before and have stuck to it. Keep exercising as it will continue to lower your risk. Having too much estrogen will cause tumors to grow and exercise can restrain them.

As you progress into your fifties and sixties watch your weight and keep it in check. Women that gain about twenty pounds or more after they hit menopause have about a 20% higher risk of getting breast cancer. On the up side if you lose twenty pounds you cut your risk by nearly 60%. Avoid having hormone therapy if possible. It’s supposed to be safer in younger women but once you hit 60 it creates more risks. More than 75% of breast cancers are diagnosed after a woman turns fifty. Be sure to get your yearly mammograms so you can detect it early on.