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Breast Cancer Breast Exam Breast Checkbreast Screeningself Breast Exambreast Screening Device

Breast cancer is a self explanatory term, but it covers so many aspects such as types, symptoms, changes in breasts, treatment options, risk factors etc. A woman who has all this information is called breast aware and she can take care of her breasts effectively as she can avoid some of the avoidable factors to reduce the risk.

There is a range of risk factors which play a vital role to increase the risk such as life style factors, risk factors related to family history etc similarly there are some protective measures as well that help to reduce the risk of being affected by this most dreadful disease.

Impact of Family History

Impact of family history increases due to a number of factors such as

The number of women affected by breast cancer and people affected by other types of cancer. Ages at the time of diagnosis. How close the affected relatives are to you whether they are firs degree relatives or second degree relatives.

It must be kept in mind that the history of cancer on both paternal and maternal side of family is important to consider as both sides have the impact on risk of being affected by the disease, although the impact of family history is strong but still a number of women develop this disease without having a sister, mother or daughter with this life threatening disease.

Genetic Factors

Inheritance of faulty genes causes breast and ovarian cancer and it is called hereditary cancer as a set of genes is being inherited from parents to children. In the set of genes there is a copy of faulty genes which affects the function of other genes as well and don’t let them work properly it is called mutation.

Protective Factors of Breast Cancer

There are certain protective factors of breast cancer as well that used to be popular for reducing the risk of being affected by this type of cancer.

Impact of Regular Physical Activity

Physically active women are at decreased risk of developing breast cancer as compare to those who remain idle most of the time. Exercise is one of the most useful techniques to reduce the risk of this cancer so women must schedule and do regular exercise not only to reduce the risk of cancer, but also to keep the obesity at distance as obesity also participates to improve the risk of this cancer. It is not necessary to join the gym for exercise as women can do a simple exercise such as a simple walk, jogging, swimming, cycling etc.

Child Bearing

Giving birth to children is associated with the risk of breast cancer as a woman with more children is at decreased risk of breast cancer. If a woman has her first child at younger age her risk reduces comparatively.

Impact of Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is also associated with the risk of developing breast cancer as women who breast feed their children slightly decrease the risk of breast cancer. Duration of breast feeding also affects the risk like if a woman breastfeeds her infants for 12 months or more her risk reduces comparatively.

Regular Self Exam and Screening

If a woman performs a self breast exam and breast screening as well when her age increases the risk to develop the cancer decreases as well.