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Braun Vitality

These electric toothbrushes are highly more effective than the old manual toothbrushes, and are recommended by dentists. My own dentist often gives me advice on how to best use mine, and I would recommend speaking to your dentist on how to get the best out of these toothbrushes. One main reason they are better are because the oscillating brush head has a lot more movement than you could ever achieve with a normal manual toothbrush, this means they are much more effective art removing plague and ensuring you have nice healthy clean gums. The Oral-B Vitality brush head actually has 7600 movements per minute, imagine trying to do that with a manual toothbrush!

The brush head for the Vitality clean has 2 heads, with most brushes by Oral-B I notice they usually have one smaller brush head but for me personally, I didn’t like the idea of that and much preferred the idea of the dual clean head. The brush heads also have an indicator where the bristles change colour to show when the head needs replacing, handy if you can’t quite remember when you last changed the brush head. They do advise to change the brush head every 3 months however I am sceptical about this. The replacement brush heads are rather expensive (don’t be surprised to be around £4-5 per brush head!) and I have personally found mine quite easily last 4-5 months. You only receive 1 brush head with your new toothbrush, so I advise to keep a look out everywhere for special offers on the brush heads and stock up when you see them on offer!

The Oral-B Vitality is a rechargeable toothbrush and so comes with a small white charger which needs to be plugged into a shaver socket, or else you will need to buy a 2 Pin Plug adapter. I was concerned about how long my toothbrush would hold it’s charge for, especially months down the line as my sister actually has a rechargeable toothbrush which she needs to constantly keep on charge just so she can use it. I also read reviews online complaining about the poor battery life. After using this toothbrush twice a day for a year, I am pleased to see my toothbrush still holds its charge brilliantly! On average I charge it about once a week or two, and I usually wait to charge my brush once it has run down completely so I don’t know if this may have helped it or not. I will point out that the brush comes with a 2 year guarantee, which is reassuring should my brush ever stop holding its charge. Oral-B actually state you get up to 30 minutes from a single charge which seems right to me, I use it twice a day for 2 minutes each time so the maths works out about right with the amount I charge it.

The brush itself doesn’t have the most modern or sleek appearance to it, and it’s actually quite thick and heavy. It has a rubberised grip which helps which comfort and control, and it has a greenish blue colouring to it. The brush heads are easy to connect and disconnect when you are changing them, and there’s one button to press to switch it on and off making this a simple and easy to use design.

I’ve been using this toothbrush a year now and I noticed a big difference with the quality of my teeth from when I didn’t use one. My dentist pointed out some key areas I needed to work on, and advised to hold my toothbrush in that area and let the brush head do it’s work, you don’t need to press down and scrub away (that’s probably too harsh!) and I glide the brush around my gums easily, letting it do the hard work. When I first started using this my gums did bleed quite a bit, and sometimes still do but my dentist advised me this is normal and when working on my problem areas told me to expect this. If this happens to you I do suggest speaking to your dentist, as they are best placed to advise you on how to use such a brush properly and to get the best from it. I find the dual head works really well, I feel like my teeth are getting a good thorough clean, and when I need to get into smaller areas I can tilt the brush and use just the top head to get into those difficult areas. The brush lets you know when two minutes are up by shortly intermittently stopping the brush head, a simple way to let you know you are brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes at a time.

The Oral-B Vitality currently costs £14.99 on Amazon, however the brush heads come in at around £9.95 for a pack of 2, but I do suggest shopping around to get the best deal. I personally believe this is a brilliant toothbrush for the price, it’s affordable and the charge holds really well, and I highly recommend switching to this from a manual or battery powered toothbrush.