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Bipolar and Suicidal Disorders

I think that there is no link to bipolar disorder and suicidal behavior. Yes a bipolar individual might experience some suicidal thoughts but these disorders are in no way linked to each other. The definition of being bipolar is characterized by severely strong mood swings, some which are caused by imbalances of chemicals in the brain. Of course this person might feel fine at one moment and be completely disturbed the next. Psychiatric treatment is a must and there is medicine that can facilitate the struggle and it is definitely treatable.

Most suicidal patients tend to be extremely depressed. They feel like they are caught in non-understanding world and they feel as if suicide is the only way out. This disorder is strictly mental and might not even be treatable. Medicine that is used as anti-depressants can sometimes counteract and do the exact opposite of what they are meant to do. Soldiers coming back home from war, become depressed and it was proven that even after treating them with anti-depressants they became worse or actually committed suicide. As a matter of fact most Psychiatrists, Psychologists, or Human Behaviorists have admitted that depression has beaten many medical theories and left them defeated by a rapidly clever killer.

To be honest, I do not see a connection between the two. I mean comparing them would be like comparing the common flu virus to the Aids virus. Just because a person with the Aids virus acquires the common flu virus and becomes gravely ill because of their immune deficiency doesn’t mean a person that has aids WILL get the common flu. Same thing with bipolar disorder and suicidal behavior. Just because a person with the bipolar disorder has suicidal thoughts, does not mean that the person is necessarily depressed. A person that is depressed does not have to be bipolar, and a bipolar patient is not depressed all the time.

It is important to understand that bipolar disorder makes an individual experience two emotional extremes. Those are; extremely happy and extremely sad. But those who are depressed and suicidal, only experience one emotion and that is painful sadness. To have a family member or oneself be depressed is not easy because depression is self-destructing. Not that Bipolar disorder isn’t, but if caught early both conditions are 100% preventable.

Living with either these disorders is very hard. Both for the person suffering from the disorder and also their family. Mental disorders do not always have physical mark but are as dangerous and sometimes even more, considering the impact of a mentally ill patient’s actions. It is better to diagnose sooner, rather than later.