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Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes

Whether its for overall health or that high school reunion your attending, losing that spare tire or two has developed into one of the biggest industries on the planet. Wherever you are images and articles bombard your senses with fast fixes and sculptured physiques. It all seems so simple and hassle free.

1. You take up one of the many diets available to you thinking that a few months detox is enough. No one should be on a diet and this way of thinking after an initial weight loss, has you back to or even higher than your original size. A lifestyle change is needed rather than a sabbatical. The things that contributed to that jelly belly have to be given up.

2. Fast food fixes under the banner of lower fat or healthy option. Have you really taken the time to understand what you are putting into your body? The same lazy attitude that made you stop at those fast food joints is ever present. Just because it says low fat or has less calories does not make it the best choice. Rather than relying on the microwave, buy fresh healthy food and cook from scratch. Not only does the food taste far superior and fresh but you control everything that goes into your body.

3. You are finally eating the correct foods and take up an exercise regime. A big mistake people make is succumbing to the initial hunger pangs directly after exercise. Your ravenous appetite after that visit to the gym has you wolfing down every and any food in your line of sight. All that hard work is undone within a few minutes of cooling down if your not careful. Drink some water after and eat some fruit. It will control that sudden urge to eat empty calories and your time working on your body will not have been in vain.

4. Scale watching is something we have all done, you had a good week and feel that you have made good inroads into your goals. Stepping onto the scales a few times a week is one of the biggest reasons people get disheartened and give up. Weight takes time to come off and can fluctuate from day to day. Weighing yourself every two weeks is a better barometer of your progress, as well fanning your own resolution as opposed to dowsing them.

5. Unrealistic ambitions is a general but large problem humans carry with them. If they do not lose the weight within a month they give up. It took you years to accumulate your bulk, patience is needed and required if you are to fit into those posing trunks. Allow six months to a year to see major changes for the better.

6. Peer pressure covers many aspects of life. A life change is a exactly that. Once you have reached your goals moderation is called for, but until then do not succumb to life’s weekly temptations.

7. Losing weight is a marathon not a sprint. Going hard from day one will only get you either injured or kill your motivation. Take your time and allow your body to become accustomed to rigorous training. Start with baby steps and week on week improve them until you can run.

8. Thinking that either training or eating better will get you to that beautiful place. Weight loss is a double headed dragon, one relies very much on the other.

9. For all of your years on earth, you tell people that you are big boned. When in truth you are just fat. Look in the mirror and be honest with yourself. To many people start so called diets with a distorted vision of themselves. Know what your faults are, confront them and eradicate those devils on your shoulders.

10. Starving yourself is the only way to get where you want to go. Eating very little will make the lard fall off. But it’s not only very dangerous to your health, it is completely the wrong way of shedding pounds. Not only can you develop eating disorders of which there are many. As soon as you start eating normally again it will all come back.