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Bifocal Contact Lenses

When we are born most of us come into the world with 20/20 vision but as we age this can change. The lens of the eye becomes less flexible which is called presbyopia which causes a diminishing ability in far sightedness or nearsightedness. Years ago you would be subject to wearing glasses with a line right through the middle of the glass but today there are bifocal contacts that hide all of this and do an excellent job on keeping your sight the way it should be, in fact they can correct your eyesight.

The bifocal contact lens includes two different prescriptions. One of these is for distance vision and the other is for near sight. When these are placed on the cornea they are within the limit of the pupil. With this type of lens the eyes adjust to what is needed. This is called simultaneous placement. The lens works due to the way it is formed. The top half works for near vision while the bottom half takes care of the distance. There is another option for these lenses and it comes in the form of a concentric circle. This type of lens has one prescription on the outer rim while the other half is within the inner circle.

Bifocal contacts are found to be just as effective at correcting presbyopia as an eyeglass prescription. So basically the choice is up to the wearer of which they prefer. Bifocal contacts can be purchased in extended wear contacts, daily wear contacts and disposable contacts. If you decide to go with bifocal contacts you can expect a period of adjustment especially if this is your first time in wearing contacts. Your eyes will need time to get adjusted to the different sights. Which can cause a feeling of off balance but it passes in a short time.

Bifocal contacts can make a very large difference in your life. You won’t have to wear glasses on top of your nose to adjust your sight when you need it. There will be no more of losing eye glasses and have to replace them at a cost. Your glasses will be right on the cornea where it belongs. Even if you have a little trouble adjusting to them it will be well worth the effort. Once you have adjusted to bifocal contacts you will wonder why it took you so long to try them and you may not have to wear them for long as they are created to correct your vision.

Whether you have just started having vision problems or have been wearing glasses for a long time it is well worth the effort to look into bifocal contacts. Until you wear them you won’t know what you have been missing out on.