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Better Lunch Box Sandwiches

Packing a child’s lunch can be a tough job. Parents want to provide healthy meals that children will eat. It is never a good idea to try something brand new in a lunch box. New sandwiches and ideas should be tried at home first. The children should at least recognize what comes in the lunch box.

There are so many different options with whole grain breads, it pays to shake things up and try new breads. There are oatmeal breads, sunflower seed breads, seven grains and many others. Just try a different loaf every time shopping happens and let the family broaden their choices.

Open face sandwiches are a good choice. They have to packed correctly to preserve the sandwich. There are many options for healthy and different open faced sandwiches.

~ Scrambled eggs and veggies on whole grain
Eggs can be scrambled with a multitude of small diced vegetables. If the vegetables are particularly tough they can be par-boiled to soften them up a bit. Instead of traditional mayonnaise use a bit of light ranch dressing for moisture. It is a good and healthy open faced sandwich.

~ Light cream cheese and cucumbers on whole grain
Spread a thin layer of light cream cheese or veggie cream cheese. Top with thinly sliced cucumbers.

~ Almond butter and bananas on whole grain
Almond butter has a similar texture and take to peanut butter, but it is a healthier choice. This is a win-win sandwich.

~ Blueberries with light strawberry cream cheese on whole grain
This a a bright and tasty sandwich. Go ahead and make fun design with the blueberries. It is different, healthy and good.

Most lunch meats are filled with nitrates. A good way to use healthy meats on a sandwich is to use leftovers. Have a roast for dinner and thinly slice some meat for sandwiches. Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving. It creates great sandwich and soup material. A sliced chicken breast is another good choice.

Have a sandwich on a stick. Kabobs are great in a lunch box. Meats, cheese, vegetables, fruits and bread cubes call all be a part of this fun sandwich. Because each item can be removed and eaten separately, the flavors do not even need to blend.

Tortillas make great sandwich wraps. There are whole wheat options and vegetables tortillas that can be used as well. Traditional sandwiches can be switched to a healthy and interesting wrap.

Want to send a traditional sandwich? Check this way to make it fun. Something as simple as making the sandwich fun, can help a child be motivated to eat the lunch that is provided. Lunch can be fun, just get creative.