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Best Ways to Deal with Stress

Dealing with stress can be a difficult process, however sometimes this just has to be done; beating around the bushes cannot cut it. By dealing with stress, it is much easier to understand where the stress is coming from and how to reduce it; it is almost a rather difficult analysis process when one is dealing with stress, but when conquered heads much better results.

Writing a stress diary is a great way to get your feelings out so you can analyse them. At the end of each day, write if you had gotten stressed during the day and why that occurred. By doing this it enables you to analyse over a period of time how much stress you are under and the reason for it. It means you can start eliminating the sources of stress or understanding how you can feel less stressed if you are placed in that kind of situation again.

Stress Feelings
The feelings of stress are very strong; another way to deal with it is to channel the stress you are feeling into another activity such as running or speed walking. By exercising you will be releasing chemicals into your body which will boost your mood and you’ll also stop feeling stressed and concentrate more on the exercise. By channelling your stress into another activity it enables you to stop feeling stressed by getting rid of your stress.

When you are stressed, it is best to take a break and relax as much as possible. It’ll enable you to have some quiet time and also rid yourself of any stressful feelings. This can be taking a long hot bubble bath or reading a book in front of the fireplace, do whatever relaxes you and it’ll help you feel calm and be less focused on the reasons why you are stressed.

Look at your stress levels from another perspective, is it really necessary for you to feel stressed and why? Most likely, the answer will be no. If it is yes, then see how you can change the situation round so that it is not stressful. You can implement this into every stressful situation, below is a summary:
– do you need to be stressed?
– why?
– how can you change the situation so it is not stressful?

By following the above ways to handle stress, it should be much easier for you to handle stress.