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Best way to Reduce Weight

Until someone comes up with an all carb diet, I guess I am stuck losing weight the old fashioned way.

There actually is no best one way, but a combination of ways that work for each individual. Here are some tricks of the trade (taken from one who has tried many “tricks”) that I can pass on to those who want or need to lose a few pounds. These tips are designed to lose permanent weight – anyone can not eat and lose five pounds of water weight. That’s not going to last.

Here’s my list of top ten ways to look, feel and act skinnier:

10) Hang out with people who are skinnier than you. Seem counter-intuitive? Let me re-phrase that: hang out with people who have healthier habits than you. They will either inspire you to change your own habits, or inspire you to stop by a gas station on the way home and cram your face with hostess cupcakes out of depression. I one knew someone who sent me a card that said, “Lord, you can’t make me skinny, make all my friends fat.” Telling, isn’t it?

9) Move to a warm climate. No go? Then wear less around the house. This will make you face your demons, so to speak. And no fair covering up the mirrors. People who live in warmer climates wear less clothing and have to live with how they look. And let’s face it, we all want to look better wearing less. It’s an inspiration to go to the gym. And while starting out, wear more black, it’s slimming and you’ll feel better about how you look. After you’ve been working out for a while, treat yourself to a fresh haircut, brighter clothes and maybe sunless tanning lotion. Muscles in development look better “tan.”

8) Going to the gym? At least THINKING about it? Make a date with a chum to go to. Always same sex – no need for that extra push just yet. Make it someone who will get a bit put out if you stand them up. Make a promise to go with them two times a week to start for two weeks, then three times a week for weeks 3-6, then four times a week for weeks 7-10. Once you get momentum going, you’ll want to go more. The first few times are the toughest.

7) Can’t stand the thought of going to a regular gym or lifting weights yet? Think of someone who you really can’t stand and take up cardio kick-boxing. Just an hour class will burn more calories and give you a more piece of mind than sitting around moping about that lost love or mean boss. Put their face (imaginary of course) right out there in front of you and kick-box away your stress!

6) Eat less at one time. Instead of eating three large meals, have five smallish ones. It’s OK to snack, just not on donut holes all day. In fact, start a journal of what you put into your mouth. Even the gum you chew, and keep track of fat and calories. Show it to your workout partner and see theirs. Stay honest on this and it will go a long way. Not sure what to eat? Ask to speak to someone at the gym about diet. They’ll help you out.

5) Don’t skip breakfast. But if you are an early morning runner or like to do cardio, do it BEFORE breakfast. You will burn more calories.

4) Don’t weigh yourself on a cloudy day. Barometric pressure will add half to a full pound and you’ll feel bummed, especially if you’ve been working out regularly. In fact, weigh yourself once a week tops. The best gauge will be your clothing, not your pounds. And remember, just when everyone is quitting because they feel they are not getting results, at about 4 weeks of working out several times a week, that is right before all the pounds seem to magically drop off. Think I’m wrong? Try it.

3) Learn to love to drink water. Lots of it. Plain. Then drink more.

2) Have a goal that is not weight, but something like a vacation goal. Make it realistic, say three months out from your start. That gives you time to get a new swimsuit. Don’t buy it ahead of time! Just like if you are trying to lose weight before getting married don’t buy that small wedding dress and say you’ll work and work until you fit into it! You are setting yourself up to fail.

And my number one way to ensure losing weight:

1) Hire a work out coach. When I reached my capitulation point years back, I hired someone who put army recruits through boot camp and told him to kick my butt into gear. Well he did, and I lost thirty pounds, but not overnight. It took three months and then in month four I started doing weight training with another coach and entered my first national contest in month five and won an honorable mention! My before and after pictures were amazing. But I could never have done it without being accountable to someone else (my workout partner and then my coaches). I’d still be on the couch eating those cupcakes.

I’d still like to see someone try to come up with an all carb diet where you LOSE weight! Potatoes, bread, pizza, here I’d come…