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Best way to Lose Winter Weight

With the warmth of the summer nothing but a distant memory, the cold snap of winter has come sharply into focus as weight watchers everywhere fear the sumptuous treats of the festive season. As the temperatures plummet and daylight fades people search for warm fatty foods to quench their inner hunger. With Christmas and New Year’s Day falling within a week of each other it is not uncommon to gain over a stone in weight without even trying to, this weight gain is mainly due to the fact that people normally stop exercising altogether during the winter whilst greatly increasing their food consumption. It need not be all doom and gloom though as it is possible to enjoy much of what the festive season has to offer without gaining weight.

One of the keys to not putting on winter weight begins with food and more specifically the excess calories that are hidden within every single Christmas treat. If you do not wish to put on weight over the winter there must be some compromise with regard to food, the best way to do this is to set aside a handful of days for the sole purpose of celebrating the holiday season. Do not worry about what you eat and drink on the selected days, just enjoy and the let the calories fall where they may, there will be plenty of time to exercise and work off any excess weight gain that you may have incurred. Putting on excess weight over the winter can only be avoided if you find a way to moderate the culinary delights on offer during the fall with a healthy and balanced diet.

No matter how well you control what you consume during the festive season the fact is that you may still put on weight if you have curtailed your regular exercise regime. The odd sinful treat that was negated by way of exercise before the winter could well translate to excess fat if you stop working out altogether. This may seem like a trivial point but losing or gaining weight is all about fractions, if you are sinful on a regular basis even by a small amount, then you will ultimately put on a great deal of weight.

With this is mind, when the nights draw in and the cold is all around, you must resist the urge to forsake your exercise regime. If you exercise outdoors then it is a good idea to put on some extra layers of clothing on, pay particular attention to your hands and head as these areas are especially susceptible to the cold. It is far easier to retain the desire to exercise outside if you are not cold to begin with, keep warm and fight the urge to hibernate and you will go a long way in keeping off any excess winter weight. An added bonus that goes along with working outdoors during the winter is that you will burn more calories than usual because of the added weight of your winter clothing; this can greatly offset the delicious and fatty treats on offer during the party season.

The only way to break the vicious cycle of yo-yo dieting is to avoid putting on weight over the winter. If you exercise regularly during the winter you will not only avoid putting on weight but may actually even enter the Spring with an extremely honed body, a good beach body is not built in the spring or summer, it is sculpted in the depths of winter when the ground is frozen and and the trees are bare.