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Best Single Leg Exercises

People have different opinions regarding single leg exercises. Some trainers prefer doing single leg exercises whereas some are totally against it. It is a general opinion that single leg exercises consume a lot of time compared to leg exercises that are done by both legs. However, there are several advantages of single leg exercises over exercises that are done using both legs. Firstly, single leg exercises give you more control over your body movements and the level of concentration is increased. In this way you’re not only working your leg muscles but your overall body muscles, especially the lower back, gets a good workout and your posture is improved. Another advantage of single leg exercises is that both your leg are worked out separately which means each of your leg gets a good workout with equal reps and weights.

Here are some of the best leg exercises that you can perform to give get a big boost from your workout:

Single leg lunges:

Single leg lunges are not the most effective of all single leg exercises but they are the best to start with. Single leg lunges are performed in the same manner you perform standard lunges the only difference is you keep one of your leg on a bench behind you and you workout one leg at a time. The reason why I recommend single leg lunges for starters is because in these lunges you would not need to care much about the body balance and the position. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that while you go down your knees should not go beyond your feet and you should stand back up as soon as you make a right angle.

Single leg Romanian deadlift:

This exercise is for the hamstrings and is the best one you can perform. It works on your hamstrings, glutes, hips and your lower back. You get a good hamstring workout along with posture rectification. Single leg Romanian deadlift is done by holding a dumbbell in one arm and working out the same leg (right arm means right leg). The position you need to maintain is to slightly bent your knees and then use your hips to force your lower back to go down. You will bend down and feel a stretch in your hamstrings but remember your back should be straight.

Drop lunges:

I recommend this exercise to everyone and anyone. Beginners should stay away from it until they have performed the upper two exercises well. Drop lunges are done by holding a barbell on your shoulders and taking one foot behind the other one. Once you are in this position slowly bent down making a right angle. Perform three sets with each leg to get a good workout.