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Best Online Diet Programs

As with just about everything else these days, the Internet has become a great resource for those in search of the latest diet tips. Established programs such as Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig have taken their services online, packing their sites with recipes and e-tools like the Weight Watchers food tracker. However, they’re also competing with TV fitness gurus like Jillian Michaels of “The Biggest Loser” and Denise Austin and sites without a name or history behind them, but with a lot of quality information and resources.

The online review site, toptenreviews.com, ranks the most popular sites in areas such as diet tips and recipes, exercise programs, support of the community and experts, website tools and ease of use. At the top of the list iseDiets.com, with excellent ratings in nearly all categories. They offer a wide variety of meal plans customized to their members’ schedules, health needs and food preferences, and offer delivery options.

The site also offers plenty of support to its members through community and challenge groups and chat rooms. They were also highly rated on the information provided on the site, much of it written by doctors and nutritionists, and the technical support and layout of the content, and viewed as the most comprehensive site overall due to the amount and quality of information.

Dr. Robert Kushner’s Personality Type diet is the basis for the site diet.com. Members are given a test that evaluates their “diet personality” through questions about diet and exercise habits and emotional wellbeing. This information is then used to customize a meal and exercise plan, believing that success is most likely with a program tailored to the individual‘s needs. This site is also rated well for their additional tools, including a printable shopping list and online diary, and community resources.

Next on the list is dietwatch.com, the only site currently offering a nutritional calculator, vitamin and mineral database and meditation room. It was originally established as a software program allowing users to track their food intake and exercise, but has evolved into an online diet service providing an excellent meal planning service and lots of community support. It doesn’t currently offer customized exercise plans, but does provide an interactive exercise log.

Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Denise Austin and others are also included in the reviews. The online diet sites all have different features, but most offer forms of meal planning and food tracking, exercise planning and tracking, ample information from diet and fitness experts and professionals, and large online communities offering support and motivation from others in pursuit of the same goals.