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Best Exercises to Build Bigger Triceps Bicep Exercises Bicep Exercise Bicep Workout

Every person who walks into the gym craves to have those bulky triceps with proper definition. This thirst compels you to perform a number of exercises specially the ones your trainer suggests you or the ones you find online in celebrity workouts. However, you still don’t get the desired results and the reason for that is because every person has a different body and one particular cannot target every body builder in the world. Hence, you need to design your own workout by knowing which exercises suit you the best.

When it comes to building bigger triceps, there are loads of exercises you are told to do. However, in my opinion doing a lot of exercises won’t help you build bigger triceps and get that perfect muscle definition. Firstly remember, to build up bigger triceps you need to give them ample amount of rest. Triceps are also worked out while doing chest, back and shoulder exercises. You need three days a week for resting so that your triceps get enough time to build up.

Here are some of the best exercises that you can include in your tricep workout to give it a boost:

Skull crusher:

Skull crushers are also known as lying tricep extension and it is one of the best exercises to work out your triceps. The exercise is simple to perform but requires proper motion and position. Skull crusher is performed by lying on a bench holding the barbell with your arms straight. Your arms should be straight and the barbell should be above your chest. Now keeping your upper arms stationary slowly bring the barbell on your forehead by bending your elbows. Once the barbell touches your forehead take it back to the same starting position.

Close grip bench press:

Close grip barbell bench press is another great exercise to build up mass on your tricep area. This exercise should be performed as the first exercise in your tricep workout routine. The exercise is done by lying on the bench and holding the barbell with a close grip. The grip can vary; your palms can touch each other or they can be shoulder wide but not more than that. When you bring the barbell down to your chest as you do in a chest press your arms should be tucked on the side of your body.

Close grip standing tricep extension:

This exercise is a must to include in your tricep workout because it not only is a great exercise to build bigger triceps but is also great for increasing the blood circulation to the triceps.