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Benefits of using a Stability Ball

You may have seen stability balls at your gym but been shy about trying one out. These large rubber balls provide an excellent addition to any strength or flexibility training program. They can be used in combination with crunches, curls, or stretching exercises. There are a number of benefits to working with a flexibility ball in addition to your current routine.

Engages Core Muscles

As you move into proper alignment, your body is forced to engage your core muscles. These muscles are the ones in your abdomen and around your spine. No matter what other muscle groups you are targeting while working with a stability ball, your abs will be working too. Your abs and other core muscles are essential for many everyday tasks. If you want a six-pack stomach, adding a stability ball can help you achieve that goal faster.

Balance, Alignment and Stability

As your core muscles strengthen, it will naturally help you improve your balance and coordination. The deepest abdominal muscles, that most exercise programs miss, will be worked out. Your body is forced to adjust for the instable surface that you are sitting on. As an added bonus, all your movements will be in a more natural position for your body, leading to better alignment.

Assists with Stretching

Stability balls make it easy to move from one stretch to the next, and provide a natural support for your body. Plus, your core muscles will be activated during your stretching as well. This will help stretch those muscle groups, which are difficult to target.

Cost and Uses

Stability balls are inexpensive, readily available, and can be used outside of your workout program as well. Sitting on a stability ball instead of a desk chair will keep your core muscles working while you type. It will help you improve posture and avoid common injuries that take place from excessive sitting and poor posture. It can even help you concentrate on your work more fully than a normal chair.


For many beginners, stability balls can provide an enjoyable workout. Working out with a large ball can feel like play instead of your normal workout. If you haven’t worked out in a long time, simply sitting or bouncing on the ball can help you begin to move your body and discover more muscle groups while still having a good time.

Adding a stability ball to your training routine or everyday life is a great way to engage new muscle groups. If you are looking to change your exercise routine, improve your flexibility, or strengthen your core, you can easily add an exercise ball.