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Benefits of Turning Vegetarian

A person must decide for themselves if they wish to become a vegetarian. This article will not try to convince you to give up meat or dairy products it will simply give you the benefits of becoming a vegetarian.


Many people think that vegetarian don’t get enough protein in their diets. This fact is not true and can be misleading if you are not informed. Vegetarian can get adequate protein by consuming beans, lentils and nuts and seeds which contain high levels of protein. Soy products also contain protein and many are used as meat substitutes. Many vegetables such as spinach and broccoli also contain protein. A vegetarian diet ca supply adequate protein in the diet.

Saturated Fat

Diets high in meat and dairy products increase the amount of saturated fat in the person consuming those products. Saturated fat can be linked to an increased risk of heart diseases and other medical complications later on in life. Plant sources contain little to no fat and these products do not increase the risk of developing serious diseases.

Vitamins and Minerals

Fruits and vegetables are the best sources for vitamins and minerals in the diet and are the keys to good health. These foods can help to protect our bodies against disease. Animal sources are nutritious but also contain unwanted levels of fat which in not wanted in the diet.

Fiber Content

Animal products and dairy contain no fiber which is need to properly eliminate waste from the body. Fruits and vegetables can aid the body during elimination due to the high fiber and water content found in these foods. Diets high in meat offer no fiber and can be a source of constipation and other digestive problems.


Animals require more in the way of natural resources to maintain and keep healthy. These animals can be feed grain products that could be used to feed people. The need for more livestock production can damage or destroy pristine land areas. Plant products require much less in the way of maintenance and are friendly to the environment.


It is up to the individual to decide whether or not to stop eating meat products and become vegetarian. It is also important for vegetarians not to push their lifestyle onto people who might not be interested in what they say. Being a vegetarian can have some health benefits but it is a lifestyle choice and both meat eaters and vegetarians should respect each other’s way of life.