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Benefits of Positive Communication Negative Attitudes and the Downside

Communication is the basis of our world, our life.

It is how we express our feelings, be it good or bad. We use communication to reason out, to reach out, to teach, to learn. We express our love for someone or hurt other’s feelings through communication. Communication is what keeps relationships among mankind going. We start the communication process while still in the womb. We have all seen excited and expectant parents talking to the baby in the womb.

Positive communication is re-enforcing, re-assuring and leaves all parties involved feeling good. Problems can be resolved in a mutually respectful and amicable way. The focus is not on
who is right or who is wrong. There is no passing the buck, because surely someone has to take the blame. The result of positive communication will be reasonable without raising the stress levels of everyone.

Society today is more aware of positive and negative talk. There are volumes upon volumes of books on learning how to think and communicate positively. A negative comment to someone who is already feeling down will add more misery. Children who are constantly criticized while growing up live most of their lives with low-self esteem and a negative attitude. Lucky for those who are able to turn their negative thoughts around.

Someone who is a position of authority and projects the ability to provide positive communication gains respect. People around them are likely to be more productive, show team effort, give over a hundred percent and are happier. Think of the opposite, those with a negative attitude and projects an image of a tyrant. People around them will spend more time tearing them in rips and strips behind their backs, not much gets done, morale drops as well. Stress levels rise.

There is more to life than dwelling on words like what-if, if only, that is dumb or it will never work.Nay-sayers communicate negatively. They find reasons to believe nothing works and are vocal about their negative opinion. It is not pleasant to be around people like these.

We communicate through language. We project our thoughts through language, positively or negatively. However, we do send out negative words, consciously or unconsciously. We can learn to rephrase our words that send out a negative message. This is easier said than done, especially

under stress. People tend to blurt out or lash out under unpleasant circumstances, sometimes in public. A radio talk show host recommends that in this state of mind, try to take a deep breathe and say you will deal with this later, or if you can walk away, do so.

Relationships are healthier when positive communication channels are open. It creates a supportive atmosphere. It encourages and inspires everyone involved. Positive communication promotes respect and trust. It helps to relieve stress. It does not take much to say a word of appreciation, yet these words sends a cheerful ring to some ears. When a person knows how to communicate positively, peaceful and pleasant vibrations flow around to the advantage of everyone present. Life is too short to spend in a miserable and negative attitude.