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Benefits of Eating Superfoods Superfoods

There are many benefits of eating superfoods. They not only improve the overall function of the body, but slow down the aging process. When you eat super foods, it shows all over your face. They enhance complexion and improve vision. You will have more energy and think clearer. Consuming them everyday is the best remedy for good health.

What is a super food?

A super food is a sustenance that helps the body work to its full capacity. Your body is similar to most machines. In order for it to operate properly, it needs the right mixture of fuels.

Why? The human body is a very complex structure. It has to handle multiple tasks on a daily basis. The human body utilizes large quantities of energy to accomplish tasks that seem menial to us. The brain in particular uses the most energy because it controls everything the body does. The brain to our body is like the captain to its ship.

When a human approaches adulthood, the body encompasses approximately 100 trillion cells. Clusters of cells coagulate and work in unison to materialize tissue, which coalesces to form organs, which work simultaneously to mold into organ systems. In the end of this process, you have what is called the “human body”.

What are the super foods exactly?

Let’s begin with what the super foods are. This is important if you want your body to run like it has never run before. They consist of acai, flaxseed, eggs, extra virgin olive oil, walnuts, organic green tea, soy, whole grains and oats, turkey, yogurt, pumpkin, oranges, beans, types of berries, broccoli, salmon and that yummy spinach. I’m getting hungry just talking about food. Why these foods? Studies have shown that these foods combat health problems like diabetes, hypertension and specific kinds of malignancy. In addition, they have also proved to be helpful to individuals with a chance of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

What does each of these super foods do for your body?


Let’s start with acai, which is one of the healthiest foods in the world. Can you believe that? How can one fruit be so good for you? Well recent research has shown that this small berry is above average. It comes from an Amazon palm tree. It is garnered in the Brazilian rainforests and taste like a pulsating combination of chocolate and berries. It is filled with antioxidants, essential fatty acids and amino acids. Acai has monosaturated adipose, fiber and physoterols to help upgrade digestive and heart health.


Flax seed is a great source of omega-3, protein and fiber. Studies show that this nutty flavored seed can lower cholesterol which is better for your heart.


Research shows that ginger could help alleviate migraine headaches and arthritis. It is utilized numerous times to assist in getting rid of a runny nose and irritated stomach. Professionals believe that ginger impedes that cultivation of organic compounds that cause swelling and discomfort.


This green low calorie veggie is high in fiber, photo chemicals and anti estrogenic in doles. This veggie can help you fight off cancer causing agents. It also helps with weight reduction.


This green veggie stops bone and muscle loss, but also heart and cancer illnesses because of its elevated nutrient profile.


These natural sweet treats encompass antioxidants that thwart malignancy, eye and heart disease. You can choose from any of these types of berries. If you do not like blueberries, you can try strawberries which are personally my favorite. A great way to eat this fruit is to purchase it frozen or fresh and combine it with oatmeal.


Have a stomach problems, eat plain low fat yogurt with flax seeds with berries. Yogurt has bacteria that can enhance gastrointestinal health.


Do you like eating peanuts, walnuts or cashews? Turns out, these may be very good for your health. Nuts contain mono and poly unsaturated adipose, fiber, zinc, potassium and magnesium. I think they have other great things in them. They can improve your health in numerous ways. They can give you more energy and boost your immune system. So go nuts!


This healthy oil has about 70% mono saturated fat that counteracts against heart illnesses and malignancy.


If you are a meat eater, you might be doing yourself a favor health wise. It turns out that red meets like venison, beef and sirloin contain plenty of iron, vitamin B12, protein, carnosine, omega 3 and zinc. The compounds in this meet have been shown to help your nervous system.


I love oatmeal because it is healthy and they now have the ones that taste great. Oats lower bad cholesterol, supply the boy with carbs for energy and contain fiber. This is best eaten in the morning along with some fruits like strawberries.


Tomatoes contain lycopene which is known to thwart cancer. However, the lycopene in tomato paste is four times more potent than in fresh tomatoes. If you do not like tomatoes, think about how good they are for your health.


Oranges not only taste good, they contain Vitamin C which boost the immune systems strength. It also has magnesium to decrease blood pressure and beta-carotenes. Orange juice is not as healthy because it contains additional sugars. It is best to eat a fresh orange.


These orange veggies have a lot of vitamin A that helps enhance eye sight. They also are fiber rich and low calories.


Water does wonders for your body. It keeps you brain working well. Drinking water stops retention, assist muscles in rehabilitation and thwarts dehydration. It also helps your body digest food better.

In all these super foods can help you live a longer and healthier life. They are made for your body which is fearfully and wonderfully made by God. Give your body what God created for it.