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Benefits of a Juice Cleanse

There are many reasons that people perform a juice cleanse, but there are many health benefits of performing a juice cleanse. Fruit juices contain a wealth of vitamins and other beneficial ingredients that are great for the body, but there are some main advantages of a juice cleanse.

Digestion takes a lot of time and energy so even on the strictest of diets, the body’s ability to effectively remove waste will be impaired because it has to tackle the digestive process. A juice cleanse will allow the body to efficiently remove waste from the body without having to digest heavy solids. This means that not only is excess waste matter excreted, the digestive system is improved.

Fruits and vegetables contain huge amounts of fibre; this is excellent for improving digestion and combating constipation and urinary problems. The water soluble fibre present in fruits and vegetables will be fantastic for anyone that suffers with constipation.

High levels of vitamins C and E are found in fruits and vegetables; these are highly beneficial to those that suffer with any kind of skin complaints such as acne, spots, dry skin and other conditions. Vitamin C will help the skin to heal and it will also help slow down the aging process as vitamin C is largely responsible for the production of collagen and elastin. Vitamin E will aid the healing process and help deliver much needed moisture to the skin.

Many people perform a juice cleanse as a way of kick starting a healthy lifestyle or diet. The loss of excess water caused by certain foods is all gone and excess faecal matter is removed too, in fact a person can hold up to ten pounds of waste matter in their small intestine.

The liver can benefit hugely from a juice cleanse. The liver is responsible for detoxifying the body and keeping the blood and organs remaining healthy. But it has so much work to do sorting good things from bad and dealing with fatty foods and alcohol that a juice cleanse will allow it to function at full capacity for a while meaning that it will be better equipped to remove the toxins from the body.

The anti-oxidants present in fruit and vegetables can also help to maintain cardiovascular health, they prevent damage from free radicals and improve circulation meaning that the blood flow is easier and there is less pressure on the heart.

Juice cleanses have many benefits but should always be performed with caution and if you feel unwell at any point then you should discontinue the cleanse.