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It is always important for anyone to get plenty of fiber into their diet. It is especially important for those who suffer from any manner of digestive disorder, such as diverticulosis. Even without a more serious condition such as that, people can experience constipation, indigestion, heartburn, and others. Every one of these can be prevented or alleviated by ensuring that the diet includes plenty of fiber. The problem is, a high fiber diet can be difficult to maintain. That is where supplements come in.

Benefiber is fiber supplement with a name suggests that it is high in fiber. It happens to be a multivitamin, which should, in theory, make it a more useful supplement to have. Benefiber comes in powdered form, which can be mixed into drinks, or taken straight with water. Most people prefer to just take a pill, which is the other form Benefiber comes in.

The powder is easy to consume, as it can be mixed in with any liquid users may want to drink. The pills are a different story. The pills are large, which can be troublesome to swallow. Further, one does is three pills, nearly impossible to swallow all at once. It is also recommended that one dose be taken three times a day. This means nine large pills over the course of twenty four hours. This is difficult to do once, and misery to maintain on a daily basis.

The trouble of taking Benefiber might be worth it, if it offered the bulk of fiber one would need to consume in a day. It doesn’t. The daily recommended allowance of fiber is 25g. One dose of Benefiber only gives 3g, or 12% of the daily recommended allowance. This translates to one gram of fiber per pill. Over the course of a day, Benefiber only provides 9g of fiber, which is less than half of what a person needs. This is enough to supplement most diets, but barely.

It’s not all bad, though. Benefiber also provides vitamins B12, and B6, as well as folic acid. A full day’s worth of Benefiber will give about 100% of these essential nutrients.

With so many options for fiber supplements, it would be difficult to recommend Benefiber to anyone. However, it may be worth a try for those who have no difficulty taking many pills.