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Beat the Blues during the Recession

When times are good, the mood is upbeat and optimism is the order of the day. It’s easy to enjoy life and plan for the future knowing our lives are safe and secure and our income is steady. In spite of what the history books tell us, many of us are caught off guard when the economy takes a dip. It is disheartening and stressful to lose a job, the security of insurance coverage or face the potential loss of our home.

Every generation has to cope with economic downtowns, perhaps more than once in their lifetime. The way people cope with these reversals of fortune goes a long way to predicting how, or even if, individuals will land on their feet when the economy turns around. If depression seems to be the order of the day during a recessionary period, it’s important to focus on a few key points:

* Recession is a cycle of economic reality. It doesn’t help a lot to know this fact when you are the one out of work or unable to find health insurance. Still, keep in mind that you are not down for the count. Remain steadfast in maintaining a positive outlook for the future.

* Prepare for your future success. You may be out of work now, but the future will bring exciting new opportunities of which you can take advantage. Polish your resume. Look for opportunities to learn new skills. Take some classes to reflect your growing interest in future job openings.

* If the recession is impacting your finances and credit today, you can’t live on the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Talk to your creditors, mortgage holder and utility companies. Try to work out arrangements to help you stay afloat and reasonably current with your obligations. Staying in control of your finances will help in fighting the recession blues.

* Live in the moment. In spite of everything that may be wrong with your current situation, search hard for a silver lining somewhere in your life and focus your energies on that. Do you have a loving spouse, healthy children or a robust vegetable garden? Many people don’t. Cultivate and enjoy the good that is around you.

* Learn to enjoy every day of life on a simpler, scaled-down level. The simple pleasures of a walk in the park, a good book borrowed from the public library or a heart-felt conversation with a loved one are priceless gifts that come with no out-of-pocket cost to you.

Above all, focus on the fact that few circumstances in life are permanent. And this is certainly the case with the economy. Take a part time job (or two) to keep body and soul together until the new growth cycle of the economy takes you under its wing. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Just think of all the grand new opportunities you have to look forward to!