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Avoiding Weight Gain on Vacation

A vacation is about getting away from the restrictions, trials and tribulations of every day life. It is about letting your hair down for a couple of weeks and enjoying yourself. The last thing you will want to be doing on your vacation is worrying about everything you eat and the weight it is likely to cause you to gain. Unfortunately, if you are not careful, it is all too easy to develop substantial weight gain while on vacation, a fact which is likely to depress you and nullify to some extent the benefits of your vacation when you do return home.

Before you go on vacation, try to recognize the fact that although you can relax what may be a strict diet to a certain extent, you still have to practice a sensible eating regime. This means above all eating a substantial and proper breakfast, as well as a lunch and a dinner. Abandoning mealtimes in favor of snacking as and when you are hungry is one of the surest ways to gain weight while on vacation.

Especially where you are on vacation overseas, one of the big attractions may be trying new, local delicacies which you have never before encountered. The danger is that many of these delicacies will be extremely high in calories and likely to cause you to put on weight. Rather than missing out on trying local delicacies of this type, try instead looking a little bit further in to the food available, what it consists of and the many alternatives which may be available, some considerably lower in calories than others.

Where you know that you are consuming a great many more calories than normal while on vacation, examine ways of burning up those calories. Rather than taking taxis, buses, or any other form of transport to get around, try walking distances within reason. If your hotel has a pool, do some swimming every morning before breakfast. Perhaps there will be a gym at which you can burn off some of those excess calories.

If you are on a vacation where you are living in rental accommodation, which requires you arrange your own meals, try to resist the temptation to eat out at restaurants every night. Visit local markets or stores and see what natural ingredients are available, perhaps ones which you do not have access to at home. Use these ingredients to make healthy meals in your accommodation for yourself and your family. Be inventive, as food low in calories need by no means be food low in flavor or visual appeal.

It is important to accept that some weight gain may be inevitable while on vacation. Although limiting this weight gain is desirable, it is far better to enjoy what may well be your annual vacation to the full and gain a few pounds than gain nothing and fail to enjoy your well earned break.