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Avoiding the Bulge Staying Fit during the Holidays

Oh, the dreaded holiday bulge! By having a healthy exercise routine before the holiday season approaches, your chances of packing on the pounds during the holiday season will be reduced. During the month of August you should be showing up at your local gym on a regular basis. By establishing a regular exercise routine before the holidays, you will be in the habit of exercising regularly before your calendar is changed to the month of November. We all know that habits are difficult to break, therefore; you will have a positive, healthy routine established within your household. An active household leads to huge health payoffs down the road.

Before you sit down for a meal, visualize what you will be eating. Remember portion control and make sensible choices. If a 16 oz. steak is place in front of you, ask for a take home box before you begin eating. This way you can toss a large portion of your meal out of sight before you start your meal. Steamed vegetables are often offered as a side dish and can provide your body with antioxidants that we all need. To add a little bit of delicacy to your side dish, be sure to add a little bit of salt and pepper to your liking. By making a mental note of what we should and actually do eat, we can train ourselves to make better choices at meal times.

Skipping breakfast is another big no-no! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and provides our bodies with fuel for the day ahead of us. A protein enriched breakfast can keep you fueled through lunch time. Do not deprive yourself of simple snacks throughout the day. Fresh fruit and veggies are two great foods to keep on hand for snacking. Chances are, if there is a bag of chocolate bars in the cupboard, you will reach for that if fresh produce is not available. By fueling your body at the beginning of the day, your desire to fill up on a large meal later in the day should be eliminated. Again, you will need a plan. Breakfast does not fall from the sky, you need to make it happen!

The holiday parties can be disastrous when it comes to the holiday bulge. Getting together around the holidays provides festive entertainment through holiday food and music. Again, you will need a plan in place before you arrive at the party. Make it a point to mingle with other people and not hang out at the food table or the bar. A glass of water with a little bit of lemon, can keep your thirst quenched throughout the party, as well as keep you feeling full. Therefore, you will not feel the need to eat a huge meal while attending a holiday engagement.

The holidays provide us the opportunity to reconnect with our family and friends. Unfortunately, food can be the focus of many of these get togethers. By arming yourself with a little bit of knowledge, and realizing that you cannot eat everything in sight, you will be healthier and be set to conquer the new year. Once you establish a regular exercise routine, your mind and body will feel refreshed and ready to conquer everything placed in front of you. We all like to reach out to others during the holidays, but by taking some time to reach out to ourselves we can reduce the day to day stress in our lives. By taking control of the holidays, you will avoid the dreaded holiday bulge and enter the new year on a positive note!