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Avoid the Issue

The title to this article is being misunderstood; In the case of anxiety or panic attacks, avoidance is a good thing, not a hindrance. People who suffer from panic attacks intentionally use avoidance tactic to combat an attack. This doesn’t mean that they do not seek help for it with doctors and therapists. What this means is that instead of swallowing a pill every time they feel anxious, they use far less intrusive approaches. This topic could be understood in two different ways; a positive avoidance, or the misunderstanding that avoidance issues are negative. As a sufferer, it is simple to pick up the proper aspect of this title.

Avoiding things is certainly not an answer to any problem, we all know that. But if you feel an attack sneaking up on you and you’re in an uncomfortable place, or amid a crowd, or even at work, avoiding the attack could be necessary. Panic attacks are not fun things to have. They are intense, terrifying, and crippling. Even for people who are long term sufferers, avoidance is a great thing to help make yourself more comfortable than you might feel. Avoidance is taking your mind off of your feelings and/or your triggers. Imagine that you are in a public place where there are a handful of other people, and you start to break down and cry, shake, feeling as if you are having a heart attack. It is embarrassing, even in front of those who know that you suffer. Avoiding things that make you upset or scared is in most cases is a good thing, especially if they are little things.How do you avoid such moments?


Imagine not wanting to go to your favorite restaurant because you fear you will have an attack. Wouldn’t you want something to take your mind off of wanting to avoid the crowd? There are things that are quite pleasurable that can take your mind off of your anxiety. Listening to music is an avoidance technique that works quite well. Some music will give you better thoughts in your mind, especially if you immerse yourself in it.


Having a good book near you at times can be quite helpful. If you immerse yourself in a good book, especially one that you enjoy (or one that you’ve never read and that might keep you engrossed in it because you have never read it). Reading is always a form of relaxation and will help with your mindset if you are having a tough day.


Believe it or not, even television has its place when you are trying to avoid an attack. If you feel down, you can watch a movie that you have never seen, or a favorite TV show. It will take your mind off of your negative thoughts.Sometimes it is a form of escapism, because it takes your mind away from one time and place and it transports it to times that are better by what you watch.


Another way to avoid negative thoughts is to do a crossword puzzle or a regular puzzle. They will make you think and concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about the demons running loose in your mind. This a very effective way to avoid what is happening inside of your head.

~Talk to someone

Another good method to combat your panic attacks is to talk to someone. Of course, breathing techniques are great, if they work for you. Some people have not mastered cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) completely, or it may not help them after all. Talking to a friend, a sibling, parent or a therapist really helps expel negative thoughts and concentrate on better thoughts.

By all means, avoidance should only go so far. If you are going to have an attack, there may be some times when you can’t stop it. In these cases, you will want to have the attack, no matter how uncomfortable, and then treat yourself after the attack. You may not realize how calm one can be after an attack. It’s almost like a cleansing for your mind in some cases (not all). But if you can avoid having a panic attack, even a slight one by avoiding things that trigger you, which is the point after all, then why not try to enjoy yourself as much as you can? Medicine and doctors can only take you so far. And in a way, medicine can be something that is an avoidance method as well.