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Average Cost of Teeth Bonding

Everyone wants that perfect smile with pearly whites that seem only available to Hollywood actors and super models. In reality, even celebrities pay top dollar for a healthy-looking smile. For the rest of the general public, having your teeth bonded seems like an easier solution to the hours of work put into creating the celebrity smile. Tooth bonding can take a yellowing, decaying smile and turn it into something dynamic. It makes the celebrity smile easily attainable and is minimally invasive – which cuts the price down. Tooth bonding is not the cheapest form of creating the perfect smile but it is the least time consuming procedure.

As with most dental care, price is usually dependent on where you live. Case in point, if you are living in Beverly Hills, California – you can expect to pay more than if you are having the same procedure done in Mobile, Alabama. The general cost of living that takes place in one region will greatly affect the cost of having cosmetic procedures done. If you are concerned with the overall cost, first consult your dentist who will determine if your tooth bonding is done for cosmetic reasons or for structural reasons. Most insurance companies will pay for a portion of the bonding if it is determined that you need the bonding for re-structural purposes.

The process itself is fairly easy – a hard resin overlay is placed over the tooth to help fill in the corresponding gaps around the tooth. The hard resin overlay creates the image of a stronger tooth while covering the decaying tooth – making the tooth appear longer or making it appear in a different shape altogether. There are two types of bonding: one that is done in one dental visit where your fillings are matched to appear the color and shape of the tooth which is then bonded to the surface of your tooth; the second involves two dental visits where you have your teeth molded in one, then fitted and bonded to your teeth in the second. The second variation is slightly more time consuming because you will have a tooth that is fitted specifically to fit your mouth but it often yields better results with a stronger tooth that is stain resistant.

The first type of bonding is usually the least costly and ranges around $300-400 per tooth. It’s meant to conceal the filled cavity and gets rid of the metal filling by covering it with a thin overlay. The second type of bonding can vary from $400-$700 per tooth, depending on where you live. The average cost of tooth bonding in general runs about $400 per tooth.

Tooth bonding, in the spectrum of dental care and dental procedures, is less invasive than getting braces and less costly. Once the tooth is bonded, it will stay that way for years to come, making it a good financial investment for your perfect smile.