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Nutrition Bars Health

When it comes to health and nutrition, it doesn’t always benefit the consumer to take advertiser’s word for granted. “Healthy” food is not always as good for you as labeling would have you believe. This is especially true for nutrition bars. These days it seems that more and more companies …

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Eat less Fast Food

Many people have fast food as a part of their weekly diet. People get busy during their day and don’t seems to find enough time to cook. These quick meals are often seen as a very attractive option due to their low price, convenience, and ability to get them fast. …

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What is Whipples Disease

Whipple’s disease is a bacterial infection that affects the gastrointestinal system. It hampers the body’s ability to break down foods and absorb nutrients. The disease can also affect the brain, heart, eyes, and joints. Although the disease can be fatal, treatment consisting of antibiotics is often successful. Symptoms of Whipple’s …

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