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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ADHD and Schoolaged Kids

Reading about ADHD will give you the basic information needed but it will be the day to day interaction with your child that will help you learn the best way to cope with his needs. I am not a medical expert on the subject of ADHD but what I am is the grandmother of an intelligent child with impulse control issues. Every ADHD child will become a challenge for the people around them. My grandson was suspended from school each year including kindergarten. He was diagnosed with ADHD at the age of nine.

An ADHD diagnosis means many things for a family. It can bring relief with the understanding that “You aren’t going crazy.” Knowledge becomes the first step to enabling the process of healing. This allows the family to move forward to build a foundation for their Childs development and future.

The media portrays drugging children as something many parents choose to do for their convenience. Every child needs a proper diagnosis by a qualified medical doctor in conjunction with informed teachers and strong parental support to reach their full potential. Children in past generations went undiagnosed, untreated and many suffered the effects from this misunderstanding both financially and socially.

Once your child is diagnosed with ADHD it is important that you consider:

following a set schedule: it helps to keep them organized and on the right track
keeping in frequent communication with their teachers
o enabling all involved to better help your child succeed academically and socially
giving them physically what they need to perform at their best, the combination of sufficient rest, adequate exercise and good nutrition
o all of these are very important for every child
having good communication with your child
o they need to know what’s happening to them and what is expected of them
reacting consistently and patiently to their improper actions
o they need to know there are consequences for their behavior
o which requires you reacting calmly, quietly and firmly
o after an outburst of anger, supply them with alone time; which gives them time to sort out their thinking and adjust their actions
o more importantly they need praise for performing proper behavior
motivating them with positive remarks,
o finding where their interests lie, using those interests to interact with them in a encouraging, supportive setting
o rewarding completion of homework and chores with enjoyable activities: as an example, a day at the water park if their report card contains an A; setting the appropriate goal and reward based upon your personal knowledge of their individual abilities and interests

Plus seek help when needed, ADHD affects the entire family, and take an occasional break to regenerate. An awareness of the latest medical information for ADHD may provide needed help in the future.