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Asthma Prevention

Having suffered from Asthma since a child I can attest that the main and most effective natural remedy that can be taken for disease is exercise. Plenty of fresh air involving plenty of steady cardiovascular exercise is the best way of combating this terrible disease. Exercises such as cycling,swimming and walking are extremely effective in controlling to a large extent the terrible effects of this illness. At the very least expanding your lungs on a regular basis and letting your heart condition itself does help when you have a severe asthma attack .Knowing your own body and spotting the signs that your are on a downward spiral is also half the battle with regard to asthma. From personal experience not getting enough sleep, drinking things that are concentrated, vinegary juices, pet hairs and alcohol are some of the causes that make asthma much worse. It is not always a question of having a rapid asthma attack although for a small portion of asthma sufferers, that is the case.

Rest and taking the appropriate medication from your doctor is the best way to minimize a full blown attack when you recognize your own symptoms. Most natural remedies and over the counter type medicines do not work at all, It is more of a placebo than anything else. I say this because I have tried most of the products over the years that have been available to me. The ugly truth at the heart of Asthma is that sometimes you get ill, sometimes you get very ill, and no amount of natural remedies will help at this point, rest and appropriate medication is the key.

How can I go from living on a knifes edge with my health to a person that is in control of the disease for majority of the time?

The answer is to exercise your lungs on a daily basis, if you feel your not one hundred per cent then rest, let your body heal and then continue when you feel you are capable again. Change your diet if you feel that you are not eating healthily. Plenty of greens, lean meat and fish is a good example of healthy food that will help your overall health. Drink more water instead of concentrated drinks, certainly drink less alcohol! Do not smoke or have pets with hair, if you do have pets then keep the section you sleep in free from animals and dust as best you can.

And finally medication, find a good doctor, one that will have you on the minimum amount of medications. Every doctor seems to have a different way of prescribing medicine. I went from being on a mixture of eight sprays of a preventer ( BROWN AND GREEN) to two sprays a day of seratide (purple spray) , as well as my sabutamol inhaler if needed which for the most part its not.

Find a good doctor that will prescribe stronger medications if and when you need them. I personally keep antibiotics and prednisolone for emergencies, if i need to take them then i do so, and i know from experience when it is necessary to do just that. If you suffer from bad asthma then it may be prudent to take the same precautions. Once there is trust built up between you and your doctor then it will be relatively easy to keep these medicines at home. If you get ill and have to take these strong medicines then do so, and immediately make an appointment with your doctor. That way you are receiving the best possible care for this illness, and your doctor is aware of the state of your asthma. When you are better you can review your asthma treatment with your doctor and try to find a way to not get so ill in the future.

These are the measures and responsibilities that you must take for your own health. Only by forming a good relationship with your doctor and slowly getting to grips with your asthma will you ever have good health.

I personally went from someone who was always on medication and that had to have a spray many times daily, to someone that most years has very good health. Just occasionally getting ill rather than living in fear three hundred and sixty five days of the year. So take the advice of someone who has been there, done that got may t shirts on this subject and take these steps at the very least and you will see a massive difference in your asthma.