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Ashtanga Yoga Sequences for Energy Flow

The Ashtanga yoga sequences for energy flow are fast-moving and dynamic sequences of different strenuous and acrobatic yoga poses. In these sequences, you move from one yoga pose to the other seamlessly, without pausing between poses. This is what makes this sequence quite a demanding one.

Those seeking to build a lean and wiry frame may go in for such sequences. Here we describe one such sequence, but the actual sequence could vary depending on the type of yoga poses you decide to include in your sequence. Do speak with your yoga therapist to decide which poses are best for you, depending on your objective and medical condition.

You can start this sequence from a standing position. All through this sequence you will co-ordinate your inhalation and exhalation with the different physical steps in a way that works out best for you.

Inhale deeply, and as you exhale, lift your arms up and join your palms above your head. Pause here for a couple of breaths and then bend forward from your hips to lower your head up to the level of you shins and place your palms flat on the floor beside your feet.

Inhale deeply, once again and stiffen the muscles of your arms and then jump back with your feet to make your spine horizontal. Bend your arms from the elbows. You now come into a low push-up position. Stiffen the muscles of your arms again and lift your torso up to make it vertical. Pause at this step for between three to five breaths before moving on.

Straighten your arms and legs and lift your hips to be the highest position in your torso to come into a Down dog position. Stay in this position for a full cycle of five breaths. In this position, as your head is lower than you heart, your brain and face receive an increased supply of blood. This helps to improve your vision and memory and reduce hair loss among other benefits.

Stiffen the muscles of your arms and jump forward with your feet, to bring your feet near your palms and lengthen your spine. Lower your head to the level of your knees and return to the standing posture by lifting your torso up to make it vertical.

You can repeat this cycle of poses for between five to seven times, increasing the number of times you repeat it, over a period a few weeks and months. This is a strenuous sequence and will help you in shedding excess fat around your midriff, and also give you a strong and supple frame.


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