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Aromatherapy Massage Therapy

Aroma-therapy is used to enhance the healing power of a massage with the use of concentrated and essential oils extracted from plant leaves, bark, roots, seeds and flowers. These essential oils are used to alleviate pain, heal and improve the mood.

When scents enter the nostrils, it stimulates the limbic system which controls emotions and has a huge influence over the nervous system and certain hormones. Inhaling essential oils send messages to the limbic system and affect the heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion and tend to improve the immune system’s effectiveness.

These essential oils used in massage therapy are absorbed through the skin where each oil has its own healing properties. It’s particularly beneficial for conditions related to stress and emotional distress which can create health issues, like migraine, insomnia, digestive disorders, PMS and low back pain. Chamomile, lavender and geranium are used to calm the nerves, while viand, clary sage, rose and neroli tend to uplift and energize the body and mind. Rosemary is said to energize and cleanse, but for opening the sinuses, they use oils extracted from eucalyptus, pine and tear tree plants.

For clients who complain of bad circulation, the therapist might use peppermint oils, but if the issue seems to be someone who’s weary, basil oils are used to improve concentration and energy. If you’re feeling blue or anxious, a massage with the auromatherapy of lemon oil should improve your mood, while orange oil is said to enhance your love life and bring a balance to your emotions as well. This ancient healing technique is nothing new, but it’s only been within recent years that modern medicine is beginning to agree with the benefits any patient of a disease can receive from auromatherapy massaging.

Research on auromatherapy massage states this technique significantly improves the symptoms and sense of well being in those who suffer from lymph edema, but auromatherapy oils did not appear to be more effective than massaging with non essential oils. Still, the scents do tend to improve the mood, and massage therapy is a benefit to well being in general.

In one study, sixteen new mothers received thirty minute auromatherapy massages for two days after delivery, while another set of mothers did not. The result was that the auromatherapy group had significantly decreased rates of the mood swings, depression and anxiety, which tend to come soon after delivering a child. They also seemed to have an increased attachment to their babies due to their sense of well being after receiving auromatherapy massage. Research also indicates that cancer patients benefit and respond to treatment more effectively with auromatherapy massage.

Although the benefits seem to outweigh the hazzards, auromatherapy massage is not recommended for those who suffer from certain skin diseases, rashes or open wounds. It’s also not recommended that anyone receive this massage therapy immediately after surgery, and cancer patients should avoid massage therapy soon after chemotherapy or radiation treatments. If you are prone to developing blood clots, auromatherapy massaging might not be beneficial for you, but anyone under any circumstance who is considering massage therapy should consult their doctor first.