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Aromatherapy Benefits of Eucalyptus Oil

The Blue Mountains in Australia is so named, because, from a distance they look blue due to the discharge of eucalyptus oil from the eucalyptus evergreen tree (commonly referred to as gum trees). That same oil makes the Australian bush very volatile. However, as an aromatherapy essential oil, eucalyptus is a treasure due to its multitude of benefits.

Skin irritations

Eucalyptus essential oil is a good antiseptic due to its germicidal properties. It therefore assists in the healing of external wounds, burns, cuts, abrasions and sores. It also has antifungal properties which will assist in getting rid of nail or body fungal infections. Eucalyptus oil is also effective on insect bites and stings. The 100% pure essential oil must be diluted in a carrier-oil and then applied as instructed. It is very powerful, so please only use under the guidance of a professional, otherwise – follow guidelines strictly.

Joint and muscle pain

Eucalyptus oil is also analgesic and anti-inflammatory in nature, thus, making it ideal for the relief of joint and muscular pains. It is sometimes recommended to individuals suffering with stiff muscles and sprained ligaments. The oil is then applied topically in circular movements.

Cold, flu and sinus problems

Eucalyptus oil is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial and a highly effective decongestant. It is used successfully in treating symptoms of the common cold and flu, such as: cough, running nose, sore throat and nasal congestion. A gargle of eucalyptus, highly diluted in pure warm water, is highly effective in easing a sore throat. You can also burn the essential oil in water on a burner to moisten the air with this air-purifying essential oil. You can also use it as a steam inhalant, diluting a couple of drops in steaming hot water, putting a towel over your head and inhaling the diluted eucalyptus oil.

Dental care

Eucalyptus is an ingredient in some dental products like toothpastes and mouthwashes/gargles. It is highly beneficial and effective against dental plaque, gingivitis and other dental infections due to its germicidal qualities. If eucalyptus is used internally, please do so under the care of a professional as it can have side-effects. It is better used externally, it is felt. It can be used in the mouth, diluted and then spat out – strictly no swallowing.

Green air-freshener and cleaner

The antiseptic nature of eucalyptus along with its lovely clean aroma makes it an ideal air-freshener. It kills the bacteria and germs in the air and leaves the room with an open, clean and fresh smell. Furthermore, it is used in many ‘green’ cleaning products such as soap, detergents and household cleaners. You could look into making your own, using eucalyptus oil as one key ingredient.

Eucalyptus oil is an inexpensive and powerful all-round germ fighter. You can use it in a number of different (external) ways and begin benefitting from it almost immediately.


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