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Are you Reaching your Target Hear Rate

You’ve heard it before, aerobic exercise is essential. So how does one define aerobic exercise and how do you know if you are on track? The key is to hit your target heart rate.

Aerobic exercises are any activities that will increase your heart rate by means of working body muscles. To know if you are on track there are three things that need to be considered. These are frequency, duration and intensity. Frequency is how often you carry out the aerobic activity. Duration in the time spent in each individual session. Intensity is the one we are going to concentrate on in this article.

Intensity is the percentage of your maximum heart rate or the heart rate at which you work. To determine the intensity level you should look for we use a tool called a target heart rate. This takes some mathematics and a few test runs to determine exactly what’s best for you. It’s an individual number.

The terms we are going to use to talk about the formula are your maximum heart rate (MHR), resting heart rate (RHR) and your working heart rate (WHR). Your true maximum heart rate can only be determined by a stress test. Since that often doesn’t happen in our “real” world we substitute by using age.

Maximum heart rate = 220 – age

Resting hear rate for three consecutive days take your pulse for one minute shortly after you wake up and are still lying in bed. The averages of those calculations are your resting heart beat.

The calculation of a target zone value, X%, is performed by this method:

Subtract your RHR from your MHR and that gives us your WHR

Calculating the required X% on the WHR gives us the zone

Add the zone and your RHR together to give us a final value.

Let’s look at it with some actual numbers

MHR RHR = 180 60 =120

70% OF 120 = 84

84 + RHR = 84 + 60 = 144 BPM

Now you now how to calculate it, but what does it mean? The heart rate zone is where you will develop your cardiovascular system. The cardiovascular system is made up of the heart, blood, blood vessels, and lymphatic system. The body transports oxygen to and carbon dioxide away from working muscles can be developed and is very improved through aerobic exercises.

When you are exercising training in the zone even for short periods of time it is very effective exercise. Heart rates make a great difference. Intensity matters. Training in the correct zone will help develop your lactic acid system. You can be more effective with your exercise program if you have the numbers.

So do the math and make your exercise time work. A healthy heart is a great goal and your target heart range is important.