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Are Water Weight and Back Pain Related

Are water weight and back pain related? Are you a person who suffers from back pain at different intervals in your life? If you are a sufferer and want to avoid back spasms and pain, try to consume more water before you commence any physical exertion, continue to drink the water as you exert yourself and after you have finished any exertions. People do not drink enough water, and by drinking water, it is believed that it will reduce your episodes of back pain.

A researcher found out that the proper hydration levels for an average adult is by drinking the proper amount of water. The AMA web site has mentioned also the value of proper hydration and it suggested eight to ten glasses of water per day, but there is not a scientific reference to substantiate this.

There is a 39-page publication by the North American Branch of the International life Sciences Institutes that is available for anyone who is interested in proper hydration information. There are more research articles regarding proper water intake, i.e. a monograph titled Hydration: Fluids for Life. This monograph provides an overview relating to the functions of water, methods of hydration status, water in the diet, and considerations for active adults and elderly individuals and any considerations for our children and infants.

A man named Fereydoon Batmanghelidj, M.D., author of “Your Body’s Many Cries for Water,” he suggested water as a prescription for a healthier pain-free life. His book reveals the vital need of proper water for an average adult. Anyone who suffers from back related pain may want to read his book.

The researcher in paragraph two above, states that he takes into account not only the biomechanical causes of back pain but the patient’s overall medical history and delving into their overall health status. He studies their psychological state, in addition, to their complete lifestyle activities. People who are couch potatoes, alcoholics, and smokers appear to be more prone to back pain episodes than those who are active and live an active lifestyle . He also has found out that most people are more prone to lower back pain as they become dehydrated or when they are suffering from huge amounts of everyday stress and emotional strain.

Why not try drinking water when you back pain starts to bother you? You may find the ease and relief is what you have been looking for in your times of having back pain. One will never know until they experiment on themselves and drinking water is safe and if it brings you relief you can pass the information on to your friends and neighbors.